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Our pricing policy is to “Keep You Happy”

Complete Customer Satisfaction is the one goal – it is achieved with the effective blend of :

High Quality Materials :
  • Technical Knowledge – to help the customer to choose the right or alternative materials for cost effective – to provide all the technical specifications
  • Drive for continuous improvements to reduce the costs which is passed on to the customers
  • Responsive Service
  • Complete transparency in pricing

We offer 4 levels of prices to the Customers depending upon their ultimate usages. The following are the guidelines :

1 Commercial Grade

Basically for the general engineering purpose where the dimensions and chemical properties are guaranteed. The pricing is worked out on the basis of the open and retail market.

2Standard Grade

In this the pricing is worked out on the basis of the rates offered by Main Producers. Besides dimensional and Chemical Properties, Metallurgical properties are also guaranteed.

3 Technical Grade

In this category stringent Quality Controls are enforced with regard to Dimensional, Chemical, Metallurgical properties. Each and every bar is passed through Magnetic Crack Detector and Eddy Current Control Detector to ensure ZERO defects.

4Advance Grade

The Input for this grade is steel bars produced through one or combinations of:

  • AOD – Argon-Oxygen Decarburization
  • VIM – Vacuum Induction Melting for alloys with higher ductility, better impact strength and fatigue resistance.
  • VIDP – Vacuum Induction degassing & Pouring
  • VAR – Vacuum Arc Remelting for uniform grain structure
  • ESR – Electro Slag Remelting for higher purity metals with fewer inclusions and specific mechanical properties

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