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Most Modern Bright Steel Production

Our plant is divided into two divisions – the bright bar division and the annealing division.

Bright Bars Division

Peeled Bars – in the high-performance peeling line, with a capacity of 450 MT per month, bars are peeled to ISO 9 tolerances and straightened to bright steel of absolute concentricity.

Cold Drawn Bars – several draw benches are available to produce bright bars ranging from 14mm to 75mm. Total capacity is 500 MT per month

Cold Drawn Coils – our wire rod line consists of machines where the coils can be drawn from coil-to-coil (for diameters between 0.80mm to 20mm) or drawn & straightened from-coil-to-bars (for diameters between 6mm to 36mm). For sizes below 5.5 mm, the coils are drawn on multiple drawing machines. Total capacity is 500 MT per month

Grinding – the production of bars are aided by straightening and coarse grinding machines. Subsequent grinding lines permit the production of ground bars with sizes verified online at tolerances of ISO 6 and achievable roughness of <4 um.

Moreover, our units are equipped for machining the ends of the bright steel bars. We can supply bars with band-saw cutting on each end for maintaining tight tolerance specifications and also chamfered bars for direct use in production.

Annealing Division

We have installed a bell type annealing furnace with 3 base & 2 bells for soft annealing and spherodised annealing of wire rods. The capacity of each bell is 6 MT. All the grades of steel can be annealed as per the customers specification.

In addition, if required by the customer, we can undertake, pickling, phosphating and drawing of the annealed coils.

The capacity of the annealing furnaces are 300 MT per month.

Installed Capacity

Bright Bars

Size : Rounds – 14mm to 75mm
Hexagons – 12mm to 48mm
Squares – 12mm to 48mm
Surface Finish : Peeled, ISO 11
Peeled & polished, ISO 9
Peeled & ground, ISO 6
Drawn, IT 9
Drawn, ground, IT 7
End Finish : Hot Cut
Cold Cut
Champhered – 30°, 45°, 60°
Bundling : 1 MT max ; less than 1 MT upon request
Capacity : 950 MT / month

Bright Rods from Wire Rods

Size : Rounds – 6mm to 26mm
Hexagons – 6mm to 18mm
Squares – 6mm to 20mm
Surface Finish : Rounds – Drawn, IT 9
Rounds – Drawn and ground, IT 7
Rounds – Straightened according to DIN EN 10060
Squares – Drawn, IT 11
Hexagons – Drawn, IT 12
Length : According to requirements ; ranging from 2000 mm to 6050 mm
Bundling : 1 MT max ; less than 1 MT upon request

Bright Wire in Coils

Size :

0.8mm to 20mm

Surface Finish : Drawn, IT 9
Drawn, IT 11
Bunding : 300 to 500 Kgs each coil
Capacity :

500 MT / month

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