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Annealed & Phosphated Coils

Spheroidize Annealing - Heat Treatment

The machinability of various grades of steel can be improved by an annealing process. The toughness can be increased by normalizing and the strength can be boosted by quenching and tempering.

Soft / Spherodised Annealing operation converts the carbides in the steel to globules – a procedure known as spherodisation. This makes the steel softer and gives it better formability properties. Incompletely spherodised steel increases the risk of sheer fracture, particularly during cold forming. Further, the yield properties of steel are impaired and the tool wear increases. A correctly executed annealing process also gives better machinability. High-strength steel, in particular, make heavy demands on correct annealing to ensure optimum machinability.

We provide soft annealing as well as spherodised annealing for wire rods and coils.

We have a bell type annealing furnace for annealing of wire rods. The details of the equipment are as follows :

Type of Furnace Bell Type Annealing Furnace (2 Bell + 3 Base)
Grades Low Carbon, Medium Carbon, Boron & Other Alloy Steels
Coil OD (max) 1300mm
Batch Capacity 6 MT per bell
Inner Retort Size 1650mm dia x 3200mm height
Maximum Working Temperature 800°C
Atmosphere Nitrogen + Hydrocarbon Liquid

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